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Hi! My name is Davide Testuggine and I am a software engineer, a sporadic blogger, a video- (and board-) game geek, and somebody that likes critical thinking.

I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Ingegneria Informatica (Computer Engineering) at Università di Genova (University of Genoa) in my hometown in Italy, and my Master’s Degree at the University of Cambridge (MPhil in Advanced Computer Science).

I have a broad interest for the learning process in general. I believe that understanding how and why we are intelligent is the ultimate answer of science and will enable a revolution like nothing before.

That being said, I am content with getting to play with the current state of the art in all that is “Artificial Intelligence”: Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in general, Big Data and MapReduce paradigms, as well as some logic-based AI methods like Rippling, Resolution etc.

I am currently working for Microsoft Silicon Valley as a Software Engineer in Development for Bing.

When I am not trying to outperform Google, if in town, I can be found playing Dota 2 online, or drafting at the local Magic: The Gathering store. When on holiday, I can either be sleeping on a seaside or hiking in the Alps.

  • You can find more about me and what I do on LinkedIn. You can also download my latest and greatest resume from there!

  • To email me, try the most obvious address you can think of, knowing that this domain is also an email domain and, incidentally, my family name.

#About this website

I use it as a blog, and I use it to keep my notes in the cloud for myself (and share them to whoever may find them useful). I also like writing guides and doing talks about what I do, and they are all here for everyone to use, modify and/or redistribute freely as long as I am given due credit1 :-)

Speaking of giving due credit: this website is hosted on GitHub Pages and most of its content is written in Markdown thanks to the great Jekyll project.

On the top of that, I use the So-simple theme for Jekyll.

My text editor of choice for this website is Sublime Text 2 and I use the following plugins:

  1. Think of it as using the MIT license.